The BV Prescriptions, OTC Medications & Home Remedies I Have Tried

If you are a regular sufferer, you may be wondering if there is a quick way to cure bacterial vaginosis. Although there certainly are ways to eliminate the symptoms fast, there is no medication which can completely eliminate it and you will need to play a part in your own treatment.

Considering these two methods of treating Bacterial Vaginosis, you can decide the best method that works for you. What is most essential is that you listen to your body and practice safe sex practices. You may also be wondering what sorts of OTC treatments are available to treat a BV infection. Well, in the traditional OTC sense there are creams and lotions to treat external vaginal itchiness. There are also pain medications and even pre-assembled douche kits.

Taking bacterial vaginosis probiotics can also be used to reduce the occurrence of recurrent bacterial vaginosis. It can restore a healthy balance to your vaginal flora. Using probiotics for vaginosis on a regular basis can mitigate recurrence, and can also help you keep a healthy vaginal flora in general. It’s a good way to maintain general feminine health and keep potential problems at bay. When you’re taking probiotics for vaginosis ( ), you can be confident that your feminine health will stay sound, and that you won’t have to worry about embarrassing problems like bacterial vaginosis.

The pain is more than I can bear. I called my doctor and came clean about my over medication. I hope they suggest another form of treatment. Doesn’t help me right now at work. I’ll update with results this afternoon and let you guys know what happened. Pray for me. It’s so miserable today. i herniated 2 discs on thanksgiving, yep 2 months ago, havent been able to walk or stand since then. been in bed and havent been to work in 7 weeks. Disc height loss means the fluid INSIDE your discs is gone thus them closer together and PAIN…I have 3 with NO FLUID at all.

Foods containing yeast, like for example cheese – especially cheese containing molds, like blue cheese, sugar, vinegar, alcohol, soy sauce, chocolate, fruits and fermented foods should be avoided. Cold compresses can effectively be used for itching as well as swelling. When a cold cloth is placed on the affected area, the blood vessels are constricted, thus making the area less swollen and red. Each bacterial vaginosis home remedy mentioned in this article offers a safe, inexpensive and efficient alternative treatment.

Try to treat a cold as soon as you get it. Lingering colds may make conditions right for a sinus infection. Use zinc supplements to help shorten the life of a cold and get plenty of rest. Eat foods that are rich in antioxidants. These foods include berries, broccoli, tomatoes, garlic, red grapes and spinach that help to boost the immune system and may prevent sinus infections. Take vitamin supplements to ensure your body is getting the proper nutrients daily. Potassium supplements will help dry up mucous.

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