How To Cure Bacterial Vaginosis At Home

It would not be out of the ordinary for women to want to know how to cure bacterial vaginosis. This is because there are many women who are afflicted with the condition all over the world. If you want to cure bacterial vaginosis, then the smartest way is to go with antibiotics. These drugs are actually held as the standard way of treating the condition. But you have to be careful when choosing drugs to take to cure bacterial vaginosis.

Buy Lifeway Kefir Probiotic (drinkable yogurt loaded with good cultures) and drink 8 ounces twice a day. Buy the plain or buy the plain and one of the flavors and mix a tablespoon of the flavored in the 8 oz. of plain to make it tastier. The flavored is high in sugar so be careful. Eat organic cereals if you are a cereal person. The Nature’s Path company makes many low in sugar that taste great. Add Bob’s Red Mill ground flax seed to your cereal.

Hydrogen peroxide is also considered a mild acid and works in a similar way as Boric acid. The medicinal benefits of hydrogen peroxide are very well-known and have been exploited for a long time and, in spite of advances in medicine, are still greatly preferred by medical practitioners. Bacteria such as acidophilus live inside your body therefore it is practically unknown for any one to have a bad reaction or suffer any side effects from using it as a treatment.

The most common obsession in the health area is with food. Anyone who starts to research the various theories about nutrition ultimately discovers that almost any food is thought to be poison according one school of thought or another. Meat is poison to vegetarians, milk products are poisons to vegans, tomatoes and eggplant are poisons to macrobiotics, cooked foods are poisons to the raw foodists, and on and on.

There are still more natural treatments and home remedies for bacterial vaginosis. There are numerous programs and books in the market that detail more natural options for recurrent bacterial vaginosis treatment. It is best to get one of these books so that you have well researched, solid information on the step by step procedures to treat this vaginal problem.

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