Diet For Bacterial Vaginosis

Gardnerella vaginosis, which is more frequently referred to as bacterial vaginosis, is the most common type of vaginal infection in women of reproductive age, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Women who have questions regarding the characteristics of gardenerella vaginosis should talk with a doctor.

Please know that others appreciate your posts here, and they help others tremendously. You can create an account under a pseudonym so your identity is not revealed, but I also understand those cases where people need discretion, and welcome those emails as well. If this does not begin to clear-up three days after discontinuing soaps, and changing your laundry detergent please see your Ob/Gyn again for a second opinion. Good luck to you Jane! I will not douche, but have been rinsing the area about three times a day without soap, and this helps the itch. I will discontinue the use of cortisone cream or hydrozole altogether as its very close to the vagina opening.

JD: To answer your question about how long it took to see improvement. I had a super bad flare up….really uncomfortable. I had started the regime I talked about in the article. My immune system was obviously low….I got sick with a bronchial infection on top of it. Wheezing, difficulty breathing, etc. Thank you for the link. The more I research the more I hope I will find a cure but the rational side of my brain is kicking in now so we are just looking for ways to manage it. Thanks again. A great resource here. Sudha: the answer is yes. Just remember that not everyone has success with certain things and others do. different and esoteric. The info you have provided should be of great help to all those women who are experiencing it.

If you experience these symptoms, see your health care provider, who will take a scraping from your vaginal walls. A laboratory analysis will give you a definite diagnosis. Your health care provider will generally write a prescription or suggest an over-the-counter antifungal cream that can be applied topically. Some antifungal medications can be taken orally.

Aerobic exercise, especially more intense aerobic exercise that significantly increases your heart rate such as running, places stress on the body. Although this stress increases endurance and strength, it also pulls energy away from the immune system, temporarily depressing it, suggests a 2007 study by the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences, Loughborough University. With less ability to fight the bacteria causing the chest cold, the infection can become worse, extending how long you have the chest cold or making it worse, and even lead to pneumonia.

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