What Is Bacterial Vaginosis In Women

A woman’s body goes through many complications, one of which is bacterial vaginosis. We will understand more on bacterial vaginosis after periods, in the following.

Antibiotics are prescribed to treat bacterial meningitis. They may be given alone or in combination to treat the bacterial infection. Antibiotics are usually administered intravenously. Along with antibiotics, other drugs and steroids may also be prescribed to reduce inflammation. In case of severe meningitis, hospitalization in intensive care unit (ICU) may even be required.

Clear, elastic vaginal discharge : If you’re of menstrual age, this is perfectly normal and occurs when you’re particularly fertile. It has the consistency of egg-white and can resemble it in appearance. Typically, it doesn’t have an odor, but if it’s mixed with your bodily sweat, it may have a slight scent. It should not, however, smell pungent; nor should it be another color, such as green or yellow. Often women notice this when wiping themselves after urinating: it’s not something you will necessarily see in your panties because it’s not a texture that would be easily absorbed.

Symptoms in men – Burning during urination; a green, yellow or whitish discharge from the penis; painful and swollen testicles. These symptoms can occur anywhere from 1-14 days after exposure. Symptoms in men and women after oral sex – A sore throat is the number one symptom of Gonorrhea of the throat after oral sex with an infected partner. These conditions are often accompanied by upper-middle abdominal pain (and possibly lower-middle back pain).

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