Characteristics Of Gardnerella Vaginosis

Bacterial Vaginosis is a common vaginal infection in women of child-bearing age, symptoms of Bacterial Vaginosis can be very unpleasant to say the least. The vagina has both good (lactobacilli) and bad (anaerobes) bacteria. In healthy conditions the good bacteria are more than the bad ones, but when the bad bacteria outnumber the good bacteria, it causes inflammation of the vaginal area resulting in BV.

Eat 8 oz. of plain yogurt a day until symptoms improve. Choose yogurt that has live cultures or is labeled pasteurized. Include fermented foods and beverages in your regular diet to prevent infections. The assay was tested on urine samples from 70 patients (51 females and 19 males) attending a sexual health clinic in Estonia. The samples were tested in parallel using RPA and Roche Cobas Amplicor C. trachomatis assays.

After my many years of experience I have found that those who get the best results are those who are backed up by a solid immune response built from a diet rich in key naturally immune-modifying micronutrients. In the clinical studies conducted, most other vitamins were found to have nil effect on the incidence of BV, or they were incomparable to the effects of vitamin E.

Visit your doctor if you experience more than four vaginal yeast infections per year. Frequent yeast infections can be caused by an underlying disease. The most serious diseases associated with frequent yeast infections include diabetes and Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV. Use of broad spectrum antibiotics or corticosteroids can cause yeast infection.

With the advent of increased cycling, numbness or pain has also become a fairly common problem. The pressure from sitting on a cycle sit can affect the skin and nerves in that area. It usually settles and can be prevented by wearing padded shorts and getting a good supporting firm cushion so you don’t sink into the seat. If there are other problems with it, like swelling, urine or bowel problems or back pain, or it persists, a visit to your doctor is warranted. Cycling is a great and fun way to increase fitness levels but some preparation beforehand is essential to prevent problems.