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Imagine if you have spent the last few months successfully getting rid of bacterial vaginosis and only to find out that it is back again. And this time, it is back with a vengeance with terrible burning and pain!

The most common inhabitant of the digestive system can cause severe diarrhea. can also cause food poisoning. It is a Gram-negative, rod-shaped bacterium that inhabits the lower intestines of all warm-blooded animals, including humans. strains are generally harmless and live peacefully within the body. However, certain strains can lead to food poisoning. The harmless bacteria help in production of vitamin K2 in the gut of the host. These organisms are facultative anaerobes and do not sporulate. The virulent strains cause gastroenteritis, meningitis, urinary tract infections, septicemia and other diseases in humans.

Now my throat infection is back, all because my doctor didn’t tell me-nor did I think to question it myself-that the virus in my throat was strep and that by not throwing my tooth brush away, every time I brushed I was reintroducing the virus into my body with its immune system lowered by antibiotics destroying my good bacteria. Now I am having headaches, abdominal pains, my throat infection is back and I will have to go through antibiotics AGAIN. This time I am going to an ENT instead of a general physician and I know exactly what to do.

Americans are forecast to consume nearly 84 pounds per person in 2014, compared to 53 lbs of pounds of beef and 48 pounds of pork, according to the poultry industry that sells chickens called broilers. Prescriptions Oral: – Metronidazole/Flagyl, Clindamycin, Tindamax – All of these medications work while I am taking them but my BV comes back within days or weeks of the last dose.

What makes their wonderful recovery possible? Every one of them became willing to look deeply into their past, into the recesses of their minds, and into the reasons they were abusing substances or engaging in unwanted behaviors. They became willing to look within for the reasons for their substance abuse or behavior , and they were willing to make changes within themselves to achieve the goal of freedom from dependence.