Natural Cures For Bacterial Vaginosis

If you have struggled with bacterial vaginosis, you may have found that antibiotic treatments aren’t very effective. Not only that, but they can create unwanted side effects and complications. So, you may have decided that finding a home cure for bacterial vaginosis is a better idea.

C. trachomatis affects 5% to 10% of the population and is particularly common in young adults under 25 years. It is a major public health concern due to its prevalence and potential severe long-term consequences. One of the main reasons it is so prevalent is that in the majority of cases (75% of women and 50% of men) there are minimal to no symptoms, and it therefore often goes undiagnosed. Infection is associated with non-gonococcal urethritis in men and several inflammatory reproductive tract syndromes in women such as inflammation of the uterine cervix and pelvic inflammatory disease. Untreated, the infection increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy and is one of the leading causes of female infertility worldwide.

Clean the area thoroughly – try to remove all the makeup, grime, or dirt on and around the afflicted area. Next, soak the bit of cloth or cotton ball in pure apple cider vinegar. Place the cloth or cotton ball over the wart and use the BandAid or medical tape to keep it in place. Note: to prevent irritation to surrounding skin, try dabbing a little Vaseline on the healthy areas around the wart before applying the vinegar treatment.

As mentioned above, symptoms of sinus infection caused due to virus or bacteria are quite similar to those of common cold. However, when the symptoms of common cold stay untreated for a long time, there are higher chances of contracting sinus infection. Disclaimer: The information presented in this article is meant to provide guidelines and should not be treated as a medical advice. You should consult your doctor for any of the problems mentioned above.

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The trouble with antibiotics and other meds is that they do not address the root causes. What this means in practice is that although you may get symptomatic relief, then as soon as you stop taking them, the symptoms reoccur. On the other hand, natural ways to cure BV can be a better option, particularly when you use those which attempt to restore the correct balance of bacteria within the vagina.

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