Cures Bacterial Vaginosis

If you suffer regularly from bacterial vaginosis, you are likely to be familiar with your treatment options. Conventional treatments usually include antibiotics and over the counter creams and lotions. However, there are a number of natural BV remedies which can be used and the very nature of bacterial vaginosis means that these are usually a much more effective option.

One of those causes is Thongs, yes believe it or not when cloth rubs against the vagina for long periods of time, Bacterial Vaginosis may occur. Another cause of Bacterial Vaginosis is from women who are sexually active from the ages from 15 to 44, it happens mostly when you have sex with someone new. You don’t have to sleep around to get the condition, as many people believe to be true, it just takes sex with a new partner.

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Bacterial vaginosis is an imbalance of the naturally occurring bacteria within the vagina. Under normal circumstances, the beneficial bacteria within the vagina keeps the harmful bacteria under control by ensuring that the pH balance is maintained at a slightly acidic level. When something happens to cause an imbalance, the harmful bacteria flourishes and causes the unpleasant symptoms of bacterial vaginosis which includes vaginal fishy odor.

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Some women with BV do not have symptoms but if symptoms do occur, the most common one is the presence of vaginal discharge with unpleasant odor. Some compared the odor of the discharge as fish-like odor. Sufferer may also experience itching around the vaginal area and burning sensation especially during urination. No one wishes to suffer from great discomfort brought by BV. Women should avoid getting bacterial vaginosis to spare themselves from its disturbing symptoms. The following tips can be very helpful to prevent BV.

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