Bacterial Vaginosis After Period

Bacterial vaginosis describes a type of vaginitis that produces a redness or swelling of the vagina often accompanied by discomfort, vaginal discharge and itching. A healthy vagina contains several different types of bacteria. Bacterial vaginosis, or BV, results when normally occurring bacteria proliferate. BV may cause a fishy smell, especially after sex. Antibiotics are typically prescribed for BV, but dietary changes may also be necessary in order to prevent it from becoming a chronic condition.

If the infection continues to be left untreated, then the third stage of the disease lasts for several months to years. Some of the symptoms such as chronic arthritis or neurological symptoms can be seen during this stage. If this infection occurs during pregnancy, then it can cause some adverse effects on the fetus, including a possibility of stillbirth. Hepatitis, irregular heartbeat, eye inflammation, and severe fatigue are some less common symptoms of this disease.

Vaginal Odor After Sexual Intercourse – After sexual intercourse it’s very common to have a much strong unpleasant vaginal odor. This is a big indication of bacterial vaginosis. A great natural remedy for vaginal odor is baking soda. By putting some apple cider vinegar into your vagina and dosing it with some baking soda, you will work to get rid of that infection quickly. Apple cider vinegar is better to use since it is gentler on your skin and it won’t make your infection worse. Bacterial vaginosis, which is caused by an excessive number of naturally-occurring bacteria in the vagina.

Hello I am 33 years old and had the Mirena in for the full 5 years and other than having to get the strings trimmed we loved first year my period came and went whenever it wanted but then it just disapeared all together,I had a new one inserted as soon as the old one was removed and when the next 5 years are up I plan to get one more.I love my Mirena.Sorry to here of the negative things that some of you have had to deal with.I think as with any perscription they are not right for everyone.

Note: BV is not the only cause of a vaginal discharge. Various conditions can cause discharge. For example, another common cause of vaginal discharge is thrush (an infection caused by yeast called candida). Unlike BV, thrush typically causes a thicker white discharge which tends to cause itching and soreness around the vagina and vulva. (See separate leaflet called Vaginal thrush for more information). Sexually transmitted infections (STIs), such as chlamydia, may also cause vaginal discharge. (See separate leaflet called Genital chlamydia for more information).

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