Antibiotic Versus Home Treatment For Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

Some of the signs and symptoms of bacterial vaginosis can be confused with other conditions which affect the vagina. However, if you are displaying the following common traits, it is highly likely that you are suffering from BV.

Heavy yellow-green or gray vaginal discharge can be a symptom of Trichomonas, which is caused by a protozoa parasite. It is a common sexually transmitted disease with symptoms that include vaginal discharge, vaginal odor, pain during sex, and irritation and itching of the vagina. Thick discharge that resembles cottage cheese may be due to a yeast infection. Other symptoms include itching, burning and irritation of the vagina, and sometimes pain when urinating. Discharge is usually odorless. Cellulitis: Infection in the deepest layer of the skin, a red, hot, irritated, and painful skin rash commonly found on face and legs.

There are various varieties of bacteria which live harmlessly within the vagina. The beneficial types produce a mild acid, which helps to fight off any other harmful strains which happen to overgrow. Anything which lowers the acidity of the vagina can potentially cause a vaginal infection. In order for to properly fulfill its obligation to our users, it is sometimes necessary for us to supplement the information we receive with information from third-party sources.

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Itchiness is one of the most common symptoms of a vaginal infection. Typically, the itchiness is around the outside of the vagina and is often caused by the vaginal discharge produced by the infection. Redness and swelling of this area is common and can be exacerbated by scratching. Some vaginal infections can cause itchy lumps or blisters around the genital area as well.

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