Get Rid Of Bacterial Vaginosis Once And For All

Quickly learn how to destroy Bacterial Vaginosis With Home Remedy and AntibioticsWhat Is Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is a particular disease that the vagina can contract.  Women suffering from BV can expect to have increased vaginal discharge that has an unpleasant odor that might smell similar to that of a fish.  Other symptoms of Bacterial Vaginosis include the color of the vaginal discharge being grey or white in color and burning while urinating.  These symptoms are troublesome for many women and are the best indications that you may have contracted BV.  Bacterial Vaginosis in some women actually caries no symptoms which is why up to 70% of women at any given time around the world.

Risks of Bacterial Vaginosis

When initially infected with Bacterial Vaginosis, the biggest risk most women face is discomfort due to the potential symptoms that go along with the infection.  If left untreated however, BV may cause additional complications.  These complications include increased susceptibility to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as HIV, Gonorrhoeae, and Chlamydia.  Pregnant women who become infected with BV also are at risk of complications such as premature birth or miscarriage.

The Causes Of Bacterial Vaginosis

According to Wikipedia, Bacterial Vaginosis infections tend to start with Gardnerella vaginalis which creates a biofilm allowing bacteria to thrive in the vagina.  One of the biggest ways women develop BV is by douching.  When women douche, this process alters the vaginal flora and actually helps women develop a BV infection.  As mentioned earlier, BV is a risk factor for STDs, reproductive disorders, as wel as pelvic inflammatory disease.  It is entirely possibly for a non-sexually active person to develop Bacterial Vaginosis.

When it comes to contracting BV, the disease can be spread via intercourse.  While men typically would not need to be treated for Bacterial Vaginosis, they can be a carrier of the bacteria if they had sexual intercourse with a woman who was infected with BV.  If an infected male were to have sexual intercourse with an uninfected female, it is highly likely that the bacteria would spread and infect the woman.  Women who have female sexual partners are also able to spread the disease during intercourse.

Medical professionals have done tests and can confirm that BV does not get contracted from toilet seats, bedding, or public swimming pools.

Bacterial Vaginosis Professional Treatment

If you think you might be infected with Bacterial Vaginosis, it is recommended that you make an appointment with your physician.  Your doctor can run tests and confirm whether or not you are actually infected with BV.  If you do have Bacterial Vaginosis, your doctor can prescribe you antibiotics to kill the infection.  The most common antibiotic regimines for BV treatment include Metronidazole pills which can be taken orally, or Metronidazole gel which can be applied directly to the vagina.  Other medications include vaginal clindamycin cream and tinidazole.  When prescribed with antibiotics, it is critical that you follow the directions to the letter.  If you begin taking antibiotics to kill your BV infection and do not complete the entire dosage, it is possible that your infection will adapt to the medication and it will no longer be effective in treating your BV.

The only way to treat Bacterial Vaginosis with any form of medication is to seek antibiotics from your doctor.  Their are no over the counter solutions available to help in treating BV.


Home Remedy Treatment For Bacterial Vaginosis

Use home remedies to cure BV in 3 daysIf you are unable to seek medical attention for BV you are not alone.  Many women around the globe suffer from BV but do not have the money to seek the help of a doctor.  These women have found natural home remedies that help in curing Bacterial Vaginosis.  One such method of eliminating Bacterial Vaginosis within three short days can be found here.  I honestly was not aware of any home remedies that really worked quickly to cure BV until my boy friend’s sister had let me know about this program.  She opted to go this route and based on my short conversation with her, she found a quick and easy method to successfully rid herself of BV without that embarrassing visit to the doctor.  She probably saved a lot of time, money and headaches by avoiding a doctors visit with lab tests and pharmacy prescribed medication.  The method mentioned in the link has shown positive results in just three days with a lot of women who have been afflicted with BV.  Women who are given antibiotics from their doctor tend to have to wait longer for BV to disappear versus women who applied this natural home remedy for Bacterial Vaginosis.

When I last contracted Bacterial Vaginosis I tried this BV home remedy solution.  I was no longer with my boyfriend whose sister had used the previous method and was interested in trying something different.  I honestly was a bit skeptical at first, but I did not have any medical insurance at the time and did not want to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a doctors visit and lab work.  I decided to follow the plan described and I was shocked when I no longer showed any signs of BV after just a few short days.  I can also say that I have not had a BV infection since I applied this home treatment plan for eradicating Bacterial Vaginosis.

Which Treatment Option Should You Choose?

This all comes down to a matter of opinion.  Some people do not believe that home remedies can really work and feel the need for a medical professional to be involved.  If you are someone who feels that you need to be treated by a doctor; or if you are pregnant and want to ensure that BV does not interfere with your pregnancy, it is recommended you see a physician.  If on the other hand, you are willing to try something outside of the box which tends to work faster and easier than doctor prescribed drugs, the home remedy treatments listed above are a great solution for you.  Both Bacterial Vaginosis home treatments mentioned above have worked for many women.  They are the leading home remedies for treating and curing BV within a really short time frame.  Stop letting this infection ruin your personal life, cause pain and irritation, or put your life at risk by making you more susceptible to contracting a life threatening STD.  If you do not want to make that embarrassing trip to your doctors office or take about a week and a half worth of drugs four times daily, you should try the home remedy solutions above.  You will most likely save a lot of time and money while permanantly eliminating Bacterial Vaginosis from your life.


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